C4H Extra Energy Efficient Refrigerators only need to be plugged in 2-hours when opened daily for food and up to 2-weeks for medicine storage available for sale or rented at local W&P Station Convenient Store.


Eliminate the need to gather wood and coal to burn all night. Energy efficient Heaters are available for sale and rent.

Cell Phone

The doorway to education and communications. All C4H W&P Stations provides Wi-Fi and all Cell Phone Accessories with phones starting at $9.95 USD

Stove Top / Cookware

Titanium Cookware and Stove Top Burners

Ice Bag

During the warm and hot seasons or for any other need. Ice Machines are standard at all C4H W&P Stations.

International Electrical Outlets

C4H Home & Business Batteries are available in all International Outlets.

C4H Water&Power Stores are equipped with:

  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Ice Machines
  • Water Storage Containers